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Call You Mine: KrisHo [1/2]

Title: Call You Mine: KrisHo [1/2]
Author: FloweryMisha
Pairing: KrisHo
Warning: BoyxBoy love. Enough said.
Summary: Slytherins are the elite. They usually go for the best. Including Yifan.
Author’s Note: Harry Potter!AU. It’s probably not good compared to the other hp!au fics, but I hope this one is alright T_T AND PLEASE, NO TRANSLATIONS ALLOWED ;;;;

Sometimes, the right path is not the easiest one.

--Grandmother Willow, Pocahontas

Junmyeon swallowed thickly.

He brought a hand to his chest, slightly clutching his robe. In any minute, his name would be called by the Professor and he would have to wear the Sorting Hat. One by one, the boys and the girls beside him were called and they stalked forward to sit and have a silent chat with the hat.

Again, Junmyeon swallowed.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to be nervous, but it just scared him. They say the hat would be able to read his mind, even the darkness of his thoughts. He was probably going to be placed either in Gryffindor, simply because his father was one. Or in Slytherin, because his mother was one. There was nothing wrong with the other houses, but Junmyeon wished he would be able to follow his parents’ footsteps, hoping that he wouldn’t fail their expectation.

Besides, didn’t the apples fall down somewhere close to the tree?

“Kim Junmyeon!”

Junmyeon was pulled out of his thoughts and he gasped softly as he looked up. Everyone’s eyes turned to him as he slowly walked forward from the line of unsorted first years. His lips were trembling and he tried to hide it by biting on his lower lip, but it just made it worse. He paused momentarily before settling down on the empty chair.

The Professor seemed to notice his nervousness and patted his back.

“My name is Leeteuk,” he introduced himself and smiled very kindly to Junmyeon. “It’s going to be alright. It’s just a house.”

Junmyeon managed to give an awkward smile in return before closing his eyes. He waited for the hat to be placed upon his head, and when it did, it hummed.

“Hm? Hufflepuff!”

Junmyeon snapped his eyes open. Professor Leeteuk had already taken the hat back and the boy stared at it in disbelief. “What...?”

“Well, who would’ve guessed I would get a pretty boy like you,” Leeteuk broke into a wide grin and patted his head. “You’re in my house, Junmyeon.”

Junmyeon blinked. “I—“

“Go join your other house members on the table. The feast would start shortly afterwards.”

Junmyeon reluctantly did as told. A lot of things ran through his mind. How should he tell his parents? What would they think about it? How would they react? He passed by another Professor who then flicked her wand and within seconds, his robe changed its own color into yellow and black.

It wasn’t red with a lion. It wasn’t green with a serpent. It wasn’t even blue with an eagle.

It was yellow with a badger.

The color he was going to live with for the next seven years.

Junmyeon looked down to his robe and he felt like crying.


Junmyeon would have never guessed it, but his parents took the news well.

They encouraged him to study hard. He felt grateful for it because afterall, like Leeteuk had said, it was just a house. Junmyeon didn’t want to let his parents down, so he studied as hard as he could. He wasn’t the smartest one in the class, but his grades weren’t bad, either. He also liked to read. The male spent most of his times in the library, reading and studying. Junmyeon was good enough in Potions and Herbology and Charms subjects, but sucked when it came to flying lesson.

But he didn’t mind. It wasn’t like he was born to be a Quidditch player.

His first year went by in a blink of an eye.

Junmyeon didn’t socialize much, but he managed to establish a friendship with a boy named Jongdae on his second year. They weren’t in the same house—Jongdae was a Ravenclaw—but they took Astronomy together. Madam Victoria paired them up for an assignment once and ever since then, their friendship had started. Junmyeon was waiting for Jongdae at the north tower that night. It had been a while since their last stargazing and they promised to meet after dinner.

The male glanced at his father’s pocket watch and frowned.

Jongdae is very late tonight.

Is he busy...?

Did he fall asleep?

At times like these, Junmyeon wished they would be able to use those amazing devices Muggles used, that allowed them to do voice calls and send electronic texts to others. Because it would be very much efficient instead of using owls. Owls were supposed to be a great support for sending items and letters, but when Junmyeon tried sending Joonma, his owl to send a long letter to Jongin—his younger brother—telling him about life at Hogwarts, the poor animal got lost for a few days. It magically came back with scratches all over its fur and Junmyeon made a mental note to just use the post owl next time.

He waited for another half an hour before deciding that he would just go back to the dorm. It was getting late and maybe Jongdae did have something to do. The wind was getting stronger and he felt himself shivering.

Junmyeon tightened the strap of his robe and headed toward the door—

—when he heard an awfully loud thud on the balcony’s floor.

The male snapped his head to the source of the voice with wide eyes and froze when he saw a medium sized black dragon flapped its wings weakly and it let out a growl. When Junmyeon squinted his eyes to get a good look, it turned out that its left wing was bleeding and it was probably why the dragon had fallen. Junmyeon took a step back in fear and realized he should scream or something because—

Dammit, a dragon! Why is there a dragon flying around in school?

Junmyeon should run away and call for someone.

He should.

But he couldn’t.

The dragon looked so much in pain as it hissed. Bracing his self, Junmyeon fearfully stepped closer and tried to extend his hand to touch the bleeding wing. He wasn’t sure what it would do by touching the creature, afterall he was still on his second year so he hadn’t took the Care of Magical Creature class. What if it snapped and he lost his arm? However, his heart clenched at the sound the dragon was making and he wanted to help.

“Ssh,” Junmyeon whispered. “It’s—it’s alright. I’m not—I’m not gonna hurt you.”

The dragon flinched slightly when Junmyeon finally pressed a hand on the spot above its bleeding wing and closed its eyes. Feeling relieved that the dragon didn’t fight back, Junmyeon then placed a hand on its forehead, caressing it calmly. The dragon immediately gave into his touch and let out a low growl.

It confused him a bit because the dragon wasn’t that big, in fact, it was probably just two, three sizes bigger than him. Junmyeon accidentally moved his hand down to the wound and the creature hissed. “I’m sorry! I’ll fix it right away!” He cried and hastily took a wand from under his robe. “You can do this, Junmyeon. You’ve read the book. You can heal it. You can do this. You can—“

The black dragon roared vehemently and Junmyeon held his breath as he flicked his wand.

It happened like a magic.

Funny, because he did perform a magic, but as the dragon’s wound sparkled and his spell made its way to recover, Junmyeon was captivated. It was his first time healing someone—something, in this matter. Within minutes, its wing was as good as new.

Junmyeon smiled proudly to himself. “Now you can fly back to wherever you come from—“

He didn’t able to finish his sentence because the dragon transformed into human as he spoke. He had a short, black hair with a slender, tall body. And he was handsome. Junmyeon found himself staring dumbly at the person before him. The handsome male groaned slightly as he clutched his torn black and green robe.

Green robe.

“Oh—“ Junmyeon’s eyes widened in shock. “You’re a Slyth—“

He tried to crawl away as soon as possible but he didn’t manage to, because the Slytherin guy had caught his tiny wrist. Junmyeon cried weakly in fear as he still struggled to release himself from the iron grip.

“Please, let me go—“

Junmyeon immediately fell silent when the dragon slash handsome male pressed his lips against Junmyeon’s palm. He froze on his track at the unexpected gesture and he turned pale. Did he just...? Junmyeon’s heart almost came to a stop when the handsome male lifted up his face to stare at him.

“What’s your name?”


“What’s. Your. Name?”

The male repeated with a stern, deep (and scary) voice and Junmyeon had a feeling something bad would happen if he didn’t answer. So he swallowed thickly before stuttering an answer.

“K—Kim Junmyeon...”

The male broke into a smirk before yanking Junmyeon closer.

Junmyeon got his first kiss when he was fourteen.


Wu Yifan was definitely the most handsome (slash dragon? Junmyeon inwardly wept because he didn’t seem to be able to stop mentioning it) man Junmyeon had ever seen.

Yifan (who turned out to be half Canadian, half Chinese but living in Korea since his father got promoted to the country) was a year older than him and for someone his age, a quite (but very, to Junmyeon) talented Animagus to be. The taller of the two kept on talking (or rambling) that his transfiguration still sucked and that he needed to practice more. He incidentally flew over a tree and his wing was scraped by the branch and the next thing he knew, he had already fallen onto the balcony. It amazed Junmyeon because for someone his age, his transformation into a dragon could be categorized as perfect.

But of course, those who were chosen into the Slytherin were all gifted and talented.

Yifan looked terribly nonchalant after the kiss that it got Junmyeon to wonder if he was sober when it happened. He probably went some sort of...jet lag...from flying?

It was when they reached the end of the stairs that Junmyeon realized Yifan was still holding his hand and he immediately yanked it away without thinking. What if—what if someone sees us? Junmyeon frantically looked around but due to almost bed time, everyone was probably back in the common room.

Because Slytherins were the elite.

And they usually wouldn’t talk to the other houses except for Gryffindor.

Yifan’s expression changed when Junmyeon let go of their intertwining fingers, but the latter didn’t notice it because he was too busy scanning the hall. When Junmyeon finally fixed his eyes back on him again, Yifan grimly pressed his lips into a thin line.

He’s beautiful, Yifan thought. He’s very beautiful.

“I—I should go,” Junmyeon whispered nervously.

Whoever said that Slytherins and Gryffindors were a beautiful match was a big fat liar.

 “I’m going this way,” Junmyeon slowly said because Yifan wasn’t reacting and he pointed to the opposite direction of them. “Your dorm’s that way...right?”

Because apparently, the most beautiful person is in the other house.

Yifan still said nothing in return and when a few minutes had passed, Junmyeon almost couldn’t stand the silence anymore. He was about to say something—preferably goodnight—when he heard faint giggling at the end of the hall and gasped in fear. Junmyeon hastily walked past by the tall male and their arms bumped slightly, but he didn’t look back.

He did it right on time because it turned out they were also Slytherins and Junmyeon lowered his head so that he wouldn’t have to look at them. The male quickened his steps and breathed in relief as he reached the Hufflepuff portrait. Unlike any other house, the Hufflepuff students needed to tap the barrell two from the bottom in the middle of the second row, with the rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff. Junmyeon did so before saying the password.


The lady in the portrait gave him a smile and a nod before opening the door.

Junmyeon hesitantly looked over his shoulder, even though he knew he couldn’t see Yifan anymore.

He sighed softly before clambering into the common room.


Jongdae apologized to Junmyeon the next morning over breakfast because he fell asleep last night.

The Ravenclaw male thought of sending his owl—Chen Chen—into his bedroom to explain when he jerked awake a few hours later, but the second year’s dorm usually consisted of four or five persons per room and what if Chen Chen made a ruckus and everyone woke up?

Junmyeon smiled in amusement and told him it was alright.

Besides, it got him to meet someone new...

Every second year student had to choose two additional subjects at the end of the year.

Junmyeon was still unsure of what to choose. He was never fond of numbers and charts so Arithmancy was not going to be an option. Junmyeon would probably fall asleep the moment he read ancient transcripts and stuffs, so Study of Ancient Runes wasn’t an option either. And Divination...no, definitely not. The only choices left were Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies.

Maybe he should take the first one.

Maybe they would study dragon...

Junmyeon blushed at his own thought and shook his head roughly. What the hell am I thinking? He hung his head in shame and facepalmed. It’s not like we’re gonna meet again... He’s a Slyth and I’m a Puff...

Leeteuk had gathered all of the second year of Hufflepuff in an empty classroom. He had asked them to fill the form and returned it to him when they were done. After that, the head of the Hufflepuff house excused himself and informed them he would be back soon.

Junmyeon was pondering to himself of what to choose when one of his classmates asked with a loud voice.

“Hey, whose owl is this?”

He didn’t even have the time to look up. The gray owl flew around aimlessly before landing on Junmyeon’s table with a thud. The male straightened up in his seat and covered the form with his hands instinctively.

“Wow. Isn’t that breed of owl really expensive? Is it yours, Junmyeon-ah?”

“N—no,” Junmyeon replied in confusion. He didn’t know whose owl it was. The flying creature kept on staring at him until Junmyeon noticed the piece of paper that was taped on one of its feet. He carefully took it and the owl huffed. The written words were awfully small—and long, but they were readable.

Take the Magical Creatures subject. You’ll have a lot of fun. Oh, and Arithmancy? My friend Luhan will be able to teach you if you’d like. But if you’re not interested, just take that Muggle thing. It’s fun.

A smile tugged on Junmyeon’s lips as he shifted his stare back at the owl. “You’re...his,” he whispered softly and caressed a finger on the owl’s furry neck. Junmyeon couldn’t help but feeling somewhat happy with the sudden letter. He gazed back at the scrawny writings and noticed the footnote at the end of the paper.

Oh, and Koala will not leave until you say yes.

Junmyeon blinked. “Koala...?” He whispered and the owl squeaked. Junmyeon’s jaw dropped. Who the hell would name their owl Koala??? Either Yifan was being very creative or he just ran out of ideas.

Nonetheless, his smile widened as he read further.

I know it’s a lame name. Anyway, just say yes and then it will fly back to me.

Yes for what...? Junmyeon frowned to himself.

Yes, you will date me.

The male choked on the last sentence at the end of the paper and he wasn’t able to do much about it because Leeteuk had walked back into the room. He deadpanned when Leeteuk stared straight at him and the owl on the table.

“Junmyeon, shoo your owl away.”

“I—I will, sonsaengnim,” Junmyeon panickly folded the paper gave Koala a dumb stare. “Please...go? Fly? Fly away?”

Koala didn’t even budge.

“Junmyeon,” Leeteuk said in a warning tone.

“Y—yes,” Junmyeon squeaked and the owl flinched. He froze and watched it unblinkingly. “Oh God.”


“Yes!!” Junmyeon cried as he hastily jotted down something on the paper and taped it on Koala’s feet. “Yes!!”

Koala flew away in victory out the window, back to its master.

Junmyeon’s face turned several shades of red as he realized what he had just done and blanched in fear.

He had agreed to date a Slytherin.

Yifan grinned contentedly to himself when Koala landed on his shoulder. “Well, thank God you’re back, or else I’m gonna have to find another owl. Might name him Ben Ben though. Hm?” He peeled the piece of paper on Koala’s tiny foot and read the hastily written handwriting.

IT’s a yES oNLy ifwemkeitscret.

Yifan snorted.

He crushed the paper and tossed it away.

“Come on, Koala, let’s get you back.”


Junmyeon wasn’t sure if they were really seeing each other, but Koala’s frequent appearance showed that it was real.

They often chatted through their owls because it really wasn’t the best time to meet, considering the exams were held in the following week. Yifan asked him once about why they should keep their relationship a secret and Junmyeon didn’t know if the Chinese male was just dense or was oblivious to the fact that he was a Hufflepuff.

Junmyeon saw Yifan a lot at the other side of the library with his friends whenever he was studying, but he pretended that he didn’t see the tall male. Sometimes their eyes would accidentally meet when they had dinner in the Great Hall and Junmyeon would always, always be the first one to look away. He failed to see the disappointment chiseled on his boyfriend’s face.

On the last day of the exam (and everyone went ecstatic over the fact), Junmyeon spotted Koala on his table with the usual piece of paper.

North tower, tonight.

Junmyeon arrived at the said place earlier that night. There were a few other students using the telescopes and they were laughing obnoxiously loud. All of them had already changed into casual clothes so he didn’t know which houses they were in. The clouds were covering the sky so the stars couldn’t be seen clearly tonight. After waiting for a few moments, the other students decided to call it a day and left said place.

Junmyeon looked around in confusion.

Yifan hadn’t arrived yet.

As if his thought was transparant, the sky was filled with a loud sound of a pair of flapping wings and the next thing he knew, a medium sized black dragon was landing in front of him. Junmyeon stumbled a giant step backward and he couldn’t even let out a voice since it was too sudden.

“Transform,” Junmyeon half demanded. “Yifan, please—“

Yifan obeyed his wish and before Junmyeon was able to register what was happening, he had already pulled the latter into his arms.

“Ah,” Yifan sighed softly against Junmyeon’s hair. “Finally.”


“Finally, I get to meet you again.”

Junmyeon felt his whole body stiffened at the touch. It wasn’t because he hated it, simply because it was new. It was his first time to be held in such... Such... And the way Yifan hugged him was... Is... Junmyeon couldn’t find the right word to describe his feelings at the moment. But when Yifan lifted up his chin to softly press their lips together and Junmyeon’s heart stuttering badly, he knew he didn’t need any word to describe what he felt.

“Are you going home for this holiday?”

“Y—yes,” Junmyeon answered. “My brother will enroll here too next year...so I should go home and help him pack.”

“You have a brother?” Yifan carefully pulled away and stared at the shorter male in his arms. Junmyeon nodded in confusion. “That is great. I would love to know him.”

“Oh,” Junmyeon replied hesitantly. “That...depends on which house he’s in. But, but sure...”

Yifan frowned. “What is with you and your house obsession?”

Junmyeon sighed and tried to step back, but Yifan held his arms sternly. “You know why, Yifan...”

“And why can’t we show that we’re dating? Don’t you like me? Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?”

“The problem lies with me, Yifan, not you—“

“Why is it a problem?”

“Because you’re a Slytherin and I’m a Hufflepuff,” Junmyeon cried helplessly. “And—and you’re not even supposed to talk to me, Yifan. Slytherins are elite and high class and the only house that can balance them is Gryffindor and I’m not—I’m not—“

Junmyeon couldn’t finish his sentence.

“We can change that,” Yifan said firmly and Junmyeon blanched.

“No,” he whispered. “No, we can’t.”

“We can—“

“If you want to be with me, then you have to hear what I say!”

Junmyeon cried and this time, his tone was high. Yifan narrowed his eyes in dislike and he looked away. It didn’t look like the Chinese male agreed to his words whole heartedly, but there was nothing he could do. He wanted to be with Junmyeon.

“Fine,” Yifan replied through his clenched teeth. “Secret it is, then. But that doesn’t mean you can do everything as you like. You have to tell me everything. And I mean it. Everything.” He exhaled loudly through his nose and laid his head on Junmyeon’s shoulder. “It would be like having a long distance relationship, but I’m willing to try.”

Junmyeon found himself turning his head to kiss Yifan’s hair. “I’m sorry,” he whispered earnestly. “I’m sorry, Yifan...”

The taller of the two shifted his head from Junmyeon’s shoulder to the top of the latter’s head and they stayed like that for a while.

“It’s getting late,” Junmyeon murmured. “We should go back...”

“Ah, then you go on first.”

Junmyeon blinked. “Eh? Wh—why?”

Yifan stretched his arms and stole a glance down the balcony. “Because Yixing is down there somewhere and I didn’t tell him I would meet you. Now that I think about it, dammit, what if he gets lost?”

“Who’s—who’s Yixing?”

“A friend.”

Junmyeon’s eyes widened at the short replies Yifan had been giving him but commented nothing in return. He realized what Yifan was about to do the minute the Chinese male climbed to onto the barrier. “Yifan, wait! Are you going to transform again?”

Yifan gave him a blank stare. “Yeah.”

“What—what if the teachers catch you?”

“They won’t,” Yifan shook his head. “At least, not me. But Yixing is a unicorn. He can’t fly.”

With that, the Chinese male threw himself out of the window and transformed quickly into a dragon before disappearing in the darkness of the night.


Their relationship stayed that way for the next two years.

No one knew.

Not even Jongin, his brother.

It surprised Junmyeon to no end when the Sorting Hat screamed shrilly that his younger brother belonged to the Slytherin. Just like Umma. Even when they were much younger, Jongin was the easier type to blend with the crowd and he had a natural talent for sport. So when his brother was made as a Seeker in his first year, Junmyeon wasn’t surprised.

As if it wasn’t enough, Jongin then dated a cute, third year Gryffindor named Kyungsoo on his second year. Just like their parents. Junmyeon felt a bit jealous most of the time because his brother and Kyungsoo were able to interact freely, unlike him and Yifan.


Speaking of Yifan, it turned out that his boyfriend was a Beater in Slytherin’s Quidditch Club. He always invited Junmyeon to come watch his practice or match, but the latter always turned it down. Wouldn’t it be weird to see a Hufflepuff watching? They might think of him as some kind of a spy...

Jongin always tried to talk to him during his free times. Junmyeon realized that even though they were in different house, they were related by blood and they could still talk. However, he began to avoid his own brother when Luhan, one of Yifan’s friends, spotted him and Jongin talking in the hall. Luhan didn’t even bother to hide his frown.

“Jongin, what are you doing? He’s a Puff.”

Junmyeon’s face was immediately drained at the remark. Even though he told Yifan that all the time, but it just hurt to hear it from someone else’s mouth.

Jongin seemed upset and he snapped his head to the Luhan. “Hey, he’s my sibling! Even though you’re basically my brother, too, but I won’t forgive you for badmouthing my brother—“

Luhan rolled his eyes. “Which one? He ran away.”


Jongin quickly searched for his brother’s presence, but Junmyeon had already disappeared from his peripheral vision.


On his fifth year, Junmyeon was chosen to be the Hufflepuff Prefect.

Which was probably a good thing because his parents seemed so damn proud (“I was a Prefect, too!” His father happily exclaimed and Junmyeon smiled wryly at that).

Junmyeon did his best to be happy, but he couldn’t. Becoming a Prefect only burdened him more and even though he had the right (and chance) to talk to the Slytherins, he didn’t. All of his courage vanished instantly whenever he saw those elite students dressed with their green robes.

But without him realizing, Junmyeon had grown into a beautiful, beautiful person.

He spent most of his times worrying about his relationship with Yifan and how bad it would affect the Chinese male that he didn’t realize that a lot of people were starting to look his way. Almost every student from Gryffindor to Slytherin turned their heads whenever Junmyeon passed by, amazed by his beauty. Even Yixing, who was also chosen to be the Prefect of Slytherin that year, came back to the common room one day with a dreamy expression plastered on his face, mumbling ‘Hufflepuff’s Prefect is so adorable’ and it got Yifan to cough uncontrollably (and Luhan to narrow his eyes disapprovingly).

Even though Junmyeon didn’t seem to be bothered by it, it was another story with Yifan.

The tall male was desperate to let people know that he was in a relationship with Junmyeon. It irritated him to no end that Junmyeon only seemed to avoid the Slytherins (because he had seen a lot of interaction between him and that Gryffindor Prefect, Chanyeol). He hated those not-so-innocent touches on his boyfriend’s shoulders and their flirting stares on him.

One day, when Yifan was practicing Quidditch with Jongin and the others, Junmyeon dropped by. His expression brightened when he saw his boyfriend, but then it dissipated as soon as it came. The corner of Junmyeon’s lips twitched a bit, as a sign that he almost broke into a smile, but then he hastily covered it with a hand.



Of course.

He was stupid to think that Junmyeon came for him.

Jongin lowered his broomstick and dove to his brother, leaving the other member stunned a bit. Yifan noticed Luhan pressing his lips into a thin line, obviously he wasn’t happy with the fact that Jongin was talking to students of other house than Slytherin and Gryffindor.

“What is he doing here?” The pretty male asked, but it was more of an annoyance statement than a question.

“Leave him alone, Luhan,” Yifan mumbled. “He’s his brother.”

Luhan clicked his tongue and the pretty male flew higher with his broomstick to the middle of the field.

Yifan observed the voiceless conversation between Jongin and Junmyeon from afar. The handsome male floated in the air with his broomstick, patiently waiting for them to be done. He just wanted to savor the moment to be able to watch Junmyeon more. And maybe hoping, that Junmyeon would send a second or two of meaningful glance his way.

Everything was going alright.

Until Chanyeol came along.

Yifan saw the Gryffindor members were starting to gather on the ground. They were going to use the field after the Slytherins were done. Unconsciously, his grip tightened on his broomstick when he saw Chanyeol approaching the siblings with a warm smile.

Something akin to jealousy bubbled in Yifan and he felt his emotions boiled up.

Don’t smile to him. Don’t talk to him. Don’t—

But of course Junmyeon did. His boyfriend gave Chanyeol a kind smile and a kind reply and a kind laugh and a kind—


Without thinking, Yifan dove down to the ground with impossible speed.

It all happened too fast that none of them was able to see what actually happened.

Yifan had jumped from his Firebolt and aimed straight for Junmyeon. Both of them fell onto the soft grass field with Yifan’s hands covered the back of Junmyeon’s head protectively so it wouldn’t hit the ground.

“Hyung!” Jongin screamed in horror.

Junmyeon shut his eyes and instinctively grabbed the robe of the person who had attacked him. He moaned when his back was slammed against the grass field, but his head was protected. Junmyeon winced. “O—ow...”

“Are you alright...?”

Junmyeon cracked his eyes open because he recognized the voice. “Yifan...?”

“Are you guys alright?” Jongin asked worriedly as he knelt beside them. Yifan quickly detached himself off of Junmyeon and was only able to stare at Jongin as he pulled his brother into a hug. “What the hell was that for, hyung?”

After making sure that Junmyeon wasn’t hurt, Yifan slowly pulled himself off of the ground. Junmyeon was still shaking as Jongin helped him got up and confusion was all over his face, clearly he also had no idea why Yifan had done such thing. He wanted to open his mouth and ask him what was wrong, but the rest of the Slytherin’s players already flew closer toward their direction and Junmyeon felt a bit scared. He was the only one with the yellow robe.

“What the hell did you do, man?” Chanyeol frowned deeply at Yifan. “You could’ve hurt him.”

Yifan glowered to Chanyeol’s direction and indignantly threw him a golden Snitch. “This was near him.”

Don’t go near my boyfriend.

The latter caught it easily in confusion and his frown deepened.

“You’re not even a Seeker,” was his only reply.


Jongin’s voice snapped Yifan out of his anger and when Yifan turned around, Junmyeon had already ran away from the field, away from everyone.

Away from Yifan.

Yifan was too caught up in staring Junmyeon that he didn’t notice the curious glance Jongin sent him.

Are you that scared to admit that we’re dating...?

Is it better to talk to this...this Ddookddagi than to me, your own boyfriend...?

For the first time in his life, Yifan wished he was a Gryffindor instead.